Conformal Dimension of the Boundary for Hyperbolic Coxeter Groups

  • Tagungsort:

    Geb. 20.30, SR 2.058

  • Datum:

    rescheduled, tba

  • Referent:

    Julia Heller

  • Zeit:

    15:45 Uhr

  • Abstract: Classifying groups upto quasi-isometry is a classical task in geometric group theory. Even in the nice class of Coxeter groups, this classification is widely open in general.

    The goal of this talk is to present a visual algorithm to give a lower bound on the conformal dimension of the boundary of a hyperbolic, one-ended Coxeter group and to show how this contributes to the quasi-isometry classification. All necessary concepts will be introduced.

    This is ongoing joint work with Tullia Dymarz, Heejoung Kim, Anne Thomas, and Hanh Vo.