The length of mixed identities for finite groups

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    Geb. 20.30, SR 2.058

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  • Referent:

    Jakob Schneider

  • Zeit:

    15:45 Uhr

  • Abstract: We prove that there exists a constant c > 0 such that any finite group having no non-trivial mixed identity of length ≤ c is an almost simple group with a simple group of Lie type as its socle. Starting the study of mixed identities for almost simple groups, we obtain results for groups with socle PSL(n,q), PSp(2m,q), PΩo(2m-1,q), and PSU(n,q) for a prime power q. For such groups, we will prove rank-independent bounds for the length of a shortest non-trivial mixed identity, depending only on the field size q.

    This is joint work with Henry Bradford and Andreas Thom.