Topological waist inequalities (AG Topology)

  • Date:17.11.2016
  • Speaker:Meru Alagalingam
  • Time:15:45 h
  • Abstract: Gromov proved that every continuous map f: S^n \to R^q from the n-dimensional standard sphere admits a point y \in R^q such that the preimage f^{-1}(y) has (n-q)-dimensional Hausdorff volume at least vol(S^{n-q}).

    Every continuous map f: T^n \to R^q from the n-dimensional torus admits a point y \in R^q such that the cohomology of the preimage f^{-1}(y) has rank at least (n-q).

    We will explain why statements of this type are important and how they can be proven by the same technique.

  • Place:SR 2.058 (20.30)