Minisymposium: "Topology and geometry of Lie group actions"

im Rahmen der DMV Jahrestagung

Minisymposium zusammen mit Oliver Goertsches
im Rahmen der DMV Jahrestagung
vom 21. - 25. September 2015 in Hamburg

Topology and geometry of Lie group actions

The concept of symmetry has always played a crucial role in understanding geometric objects. A classical way of modeling symmetry of spaces is to impose the action of a group. This approach still proves to be very successful in modern mathematics yielding beautiful results in a multitude of fields, such as algebraic and geometric topology, or Riemannian and symplectic geometry.

In this mini-symposium we will discuss recent results in this area; on the one hand concerning the theory of Lie transformation groups itself, and on the other hand using the existence of Lie group actions as a means to understand various geometric structures.



Manuel Amann, manuel amann∂kit edu  
Oliver Goertsches, goertschesmath lmu de