Topological Data Analysis

  • Type: Lecture course
  • Semester: WS 20/21
  • Place:

    Online (asynchronous)

  • Start: 5.11.2020
  • Lecturer:

  • SWS: 3
  • ECTS: 6
  • Lv-No.: 0100023

Course contents: Methods from computational topology have in recent years become an important tool in data analysis. This course offers an introduction to persistent homology, which is one of the main techniques in topological data analysis. We will cover the underlying mathematical theory, study concrete examples from applications in the natural sciences (like for example critical mutations in the evolution of viruses), and do some computer programming in order to see how the theory works in practice.

Intended audience: Everyone with a background in mathematics/computer science/natural sciences.

Prerequisites: Basic linear algebra and calculus.